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Latest Review:

"This is a  professional 'Superbly produced' set of giant cards with a first-rate routine to match"... Magic Magazine

"Highly Recommended" ... Genii

"You do the math...the fact is this is perfect for your show..3 Big Cards, 7 Big Laughs, 6 Applause cues, 3 HUGE Wows! A priceless Comedy Magic Routine" ... Jeff McBride

"You can't do better than this routine direct from a professionals repertoire" ...  Jeff Hobson

"Practical. Simple, compelling plot. Clean handling & lots of surprises. What more do you want?"... John Carney

  • Well known and respected magicians have compared the structure of this routine to the great performance pieces of World famous entertainers like Cardini, Dai Vernon, Aldo Richiardi , Jeff McBride & Blackstone Sr.

  • Everything you need comes in the kit: 2 DVD's,  Specially made Large durable  cards in two sizes 8x12 or 11x17 (sold separately or special large and larger Deal.  Email for details):

  •  Big & HUGE! Plus Worldwide performance rights. It's a Turn-key effect worth 10 times more!

  • This routine is not  Skinners Monte, Chase the Ace or Sidewalk Shuffle.

  • Joe Monti takes you through the easy to learn method & demonstrates every move & nuance in detail on the enclosed DVD's. Theory included. This personal instruction alone is worth the price of the kit! All the work is done for you.  No need to waste time or money searching for the right routine.  IT'S HERE!

Strong enough to be used as an Opener or Closer!

     Magic Magazine June 2010 Review excerpts;

  • "This is a  professional 'Superbly produced' set of giant cards with a first-rate routine to match"

  • "The one handed displays of the cards are the best I've ever seen!"

  • "It's a trick that proves the dealer's old axiom; Packs flat and Plays big"

  • "3 Card Joe is  a game worth playing!"

    Genii Magazine June 2010 Review excerpts;

  • Other routines go on and on... this one gets right to the point!

  • You get everything needed for this routine to be a HIT in your show!

  • You are receiving Joe's personal routine from his professional  repertoire. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

"Many of my well respected peers have asked me to price this powerful effect at $250 because it's a complete time tested working routine and includes all props and detailed instructional DVD's as well as worldwide performance rights. I have put much effort and expense into the cards being the best available"  

" This is a killer part of my working repertoire. I want this to not only be affordable but something you will use so I kept the price fair &  added special bonus offers below.  Also, I will assist you, via e-mail, in any area of the routine that you find difficult."... Joe Monti

  • 3 powerful segments of the routine validate your expertise as a skilled serious or comedy magician. You can play it either way.

  • Perfect for trade shows, private shows, corporate events, fundraisers, cruise ships,  comedy clubs, children's shows, close-up, stage, & TV because the cards are held in front of you and above your waist for a bigger audience to view!


Large Set 8" X 12":



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No "3 Card Joe" reason for this picture except that I like Jay Leno :-)

"On a scale from one to ten 3 Card Joe is ... "

2 DVD's teach in detail every move, nuance and technique. NOTHING is left out:  

  • One DVD is the Demonstration and Instruction & the 2nd DVD is the Live National TV performance UNEDITED showing how powerful this routine/effect is for a real audience !!!

  • The 3 "special" cards are beautifully made in the USA and can be cleaned when soiled.  They should last a loooooong time.  Silk screening shows true colors and these look like real cards only BIGGER.  No gimmicky, tricky looking "toy cards".  You'll use these props and routines in every important show. 

  •  Play big and get paid big   :-)